The Crab and the Ant

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A crab and an ant lost their homes. The crab says to the ant, "I'm going to find us a place to sleep tonight." They're walking and the crab sees a naked lady walking towards them. "Hey, ant. You see that lady? We're going to crawl up to her bush and go to sleep there tonight." Once up there, the crab say's to the ant, "You see that door? You go up there and sleep tonight and I'll sleep in her bush." That night when they were asleep the lady had a guy friend come over and they had sex.

That morning the ant say to the crab, "How did you sleep, Crab?"

The crab says, "Great. How did you sleep, Ant?"

"Well," the ant says "in that door you sent me at about two o'clock in the morning, someone stuck there fist in there and beat my ass. After that, they spit on me!"

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