General Frequently Asked Questions

How are the points calculated?

For a complete breakdown of how points are calculated, please read the Site Rules.

I just submitted a joke and I cant see it.

Jokes are not immediatly available to all users until they get voted on at least 10 times. This is to assure that the rating of the joke is accurate and that it does not violate the terms and conditions of this website. If you have your preferences set to not hide any jokes then you will be able to see jokes with fewer than 10 votes in the "unrated jokes" section.

Can you explain the rating system?

Jokes rated G are acceptable for everyone. No bad language and no violence or sexual references are in these jokes.

These jokes are suitable for most children. Mild violence or language may appear in these jokes.

These jokes may contain some bad language or violence. Some mild sexual content may also appear in these jokes.

These jokes contain foul language and sexual or violent content.

Whats a Joke Subscription?

Not to be confused with the Daily Joke Newsletter, a subscription to a joke means that it will appear on your "View Subscriptions" page. This allows you to keep up to date on the conversation of your favorite jokes. To subscribe, click the checkbox at the bottom of the comment box on the joke page. You can always unsubscribe at any time.

I found two jokes that are duplicates of each other. What do I do?

You can report these duplicates once you get 100 points. For every duplicate that you correctly report, you get 10 points. You can also help by verifying duplicates that other users have reported. For every verification, you get 1 point.

What are editors and how do I become one?

An editor is someone who has earned enough points to "unlock" certain features of the website. Editors have varying degrees of ability to modify the jokes on this website. Here is a list of the requirements and privileges given to those who meet the requirements. You do not need to ask to become an editor. If you meet the requirements automatically have those privileges.

Level 0: (100 Points) You can report and verify duplicate jokes.

Level 1: (500 Points) You can suggest and verify corrections to jokes in order to improve spelling, grammar and other errors.

Level 2: (1000 Points) Your votes on jokes count as double (but you still only get 1 point for a vote)

Level 3: (4000 Points) Your votes on jokes count as triple (but you still only get 1 point for a vote)

I have the correct number of points, but Im not an editor or I was an editor and now Im not. What gives?

On rare circumstances the behavior of a user of this site is deemed so inappropriate that they will not be allowed to become an editor even with the correct number of points or even if they were already an editor when they had the bad behavior.

Bad behavior includes such things as registering multiple fake accounts, submitting jokes that are not jokes, or that are abusive to other users of the website, or submitting false duplicate reports or misusing the joke-correction functionality of this website.

My questions wasn't answered here.

Please contact us. We are happy to answer questions, and we are always eager to make a better place.

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