Dumb Laws

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Here is a list of some really stupid laws I've seen:
Alaska- You can't wake up a sleeping bear, just to take its picture.

Florida-Unmarried women may not parachute on Sundays.

Idaho- You can't fish from the back of a camel. (Who has a pet camel in Idaho anyway?!?)

Oklahoma-Whaling is illegal. (hint-there aren't any oceans or whales in Oklahoma!)
You also can't sleep on a refrigerator OUTDOORS, although it is perfectly legal to sleep on your refrigerator in public, as long as you are indoors.

Baldwin Park, California- You can't (and why would you?) ride bicycles in swimming pools.

Houston, Texas- You can't sell Limburger cheese on Sunday.

Lexington, Kentucky- You can't carry an ice-cream cone in your pocket. (What are the police going to go around checking peoples pockets for ice-cream?)

Marion, Ohio- You can't walk backwards on a city street while eating a donut.

Myrtle Creek, Oregon- No boxing with kangaroos. (Wait, there are kangaroos in Oregon???)

Nashville, Tennessee- You must be at least 18 years old to play pinball.

New Orleans- You may not tie an alligator to a fire hydrant.

Whitehall, Montana- You can't drive a car with ice picks attached to the wheels.

Wynona, Oklahoma- You can't wash your clothes in a birdbath. (Be careful...the neighbors are watching!)

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