15 Fun Things To Do In Public Areas

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15 Fun Things to do in Public Areas

(I actually did all of these)

1. Go up to random people and ask "How are you doing?" See what kind of conversation you can start.
(I met lots of new people this way)

2. Ask someone what another person's name is nearby. Go up to that person and say "Hey, *person's name*. How are you? You forgot my name, again, didn't you!?" (People normally look at me very confused with this one.)

3. Fall down in front of strangers, and see if they try to help. (If they don't help, I yell out, "FINE! DON'T HELP ME THEN!")

4. Bump into someone and pretend it causes you to fall down. See if they apologize. (This is hard to do, because they normally try to avoid me when I try to bump them.)

5. Walk behind someone until he/she turns around. Then say, "What?" (You should look very confused, so it makes them be confused also.)

6. Run around and jump on things and make noises pretending to be a monkey.
(It works with any animal.)

7. Put water in your mouth, and pretend you are barfing when someone walks by. (It's really funny when you chew up some Snickers for this.)

8. Get an "Obsession, for men" cologne sample spray, and go up to people asking, "Do you have an obsession for men? I was just wondering because I have an obsession for me. It's in my pants. Do you want me to spray you with it?" When they look at you funny, take out the cologne and say "What? It's just my obsession for men cologne. What were you thinking of?" (It doesn't work on the people that have the cologne.)

9. Walk behind someone and have an arguement with yourself. (It's even better if you talk in two different voices.)

10. Have a bottle of water and go up to people saying, "Thirsty?" (I got a total of 5 people to drink from my bottle.)

11. Have a newspaper or a book (or something like that) and hold it out to someone and ask, "Thirsty?" (Confusion is funny.)

12. Put a chunk of something sticky on your hand, and go up to people saying, "Hey, how're you doing?" and try to shake their hand. (Some people actually don't notice huge sticky brown things sticking to your hand.)

13. Jump kick a wall and look at someone and say, "Please don't do that." (It works with trees too.)

14. Go up to someone and say in a very low voice, "Death by catapult." (There is also, death by spatula, death by rug burn, death by malapropism, or any other weird random way of death.)

15. Get people to join you in your strange adventures. (Twice the people = twice the fun.)

Be careful about the people you do these things to. Have fun. :-D

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