King Arthur

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Okay, so. King Arthur is in a heated battle with another king. Now, Arthur has all of his best men in battle, but unfortunatly, he loses. Because kings don't really kill other kings, the king agrees to let Arthur go, if he answers one question. The king asks Arther to find out what a woman wants most. The question must be answered in 1 year's time. Arthur has no idea where to look, so he sends a few of his best soldiers to search for someone who knows what women want. 2 months later, Arthur hears word of a witch who lives up in the northern-most mountains who knows what all women want. Arthur sent his best man, Sir Lancelot Du Lac to find the witch. Sir Lancelot travels for many moons, until one day, he finally finds the witch. He walks into the cave and sees only a bear. He says, "Kind bear, will you please tell me where the witch is?"
The bear replies, "What business do you have here?"
"I need to find out what women want the most."
"Well, I'll tell you on one condition; you marry me."
Now Lancelot is a very handsome man. He is the best looking man in Arthur's entire kindgom, but Lancelot is so loyal to Arthur that he just has to marry this witch.
"Okay, I will marry you," Sir Lancelot agrees.
"What a women wants most is to make her own decisions. Now, shall we ride home?"
Lancelot and the witch ride home. Before the wedding, Arthur tells Lancelot that he doesn't need to do this but Lancelot is determined to keep his promise to the witch. After Lancelot is married to the witch and they go to their room in the castle, the witch turns into a beautiful woman. She asks Lancelot, "Will you rather I am this beautiful in the night, with you, or in the day, when company will see me?"
Lancelot thinks for a minute, then says, "You decide."
"Very good. You have been listening. Now, I will be beautiful all the time."
The moral of this story is that no matter how beautiful or how ugly she is, all women are witches.

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