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Once there was a man named John Odd. He hated his last name. Since he was little people would make fun of him calling him "the odd man out."

He grew older and fell in love with a girl named Julie. They soon got married and people immediately started calling them "the odd couple."

John was enraged by this. He decided that he should have a talk with his wife.

"I hate my last name! My whole life people have made fun of it. Just recently I realized that people that don't even know me are going to see my tombstone in a grave yard and laugh about it! I want you to promise me that when I die you'll leave my tombstone blank. I want to have more respect than that."

"Okay honey. Whatever you want," she said with a smile on her face.
Years later, after John passed away, a young couple were walking out of the cemetery after putting flowers on a relative's grave. The wife looked down and saw John's blank tombstone. She got her husband's attention and said,

"Isn't that Odd?"

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