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Once upon a time, a man happened upon a magical lamp. He rubbed it and a genie came out.

"Are you going to give me three wishes?" the man asked.

"No," said the genie. "I am a rare and mystical question genie. I am way more honorable than a simple wish genie! You may ask me three questions."

The man thought for a while about what he wanted to ask. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to unlock the secrets of the world.

Finally, he said, "Okay, here's what I want to know: What is the cure for the common cold? How can perpetual motion be created? And where can a fuel source, that is clean and reusable and will replace all the others, be found?"

The genie nodded and walked off. Puzzled, the man came after him.

"Hey," he said somewhat angrily, "aren't you going to answer my questions?"

The genie stopped and looked at him with an incredulous expression; "Who the hell do you think I am? A question AND answer genie?"

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