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A woman goes into a doctor's office complaining that she has constant pains in her stomach.

The doctor brings her into the examining room and asks, "Well, Ma'am, are you constipated?"
The woman replies, "No, I am not. I go to the bathroom every morning at 8:15, just like clockwork."
The doctor asks, "Every day, are you sure?"
The woman replies, "Yes, I never miss a day, every day at 8:15am I am on the toilet."

Well, the doctor ponders this because obviously the woman is not constipated so he sends her for a battery of tests.

The doctor calls the lady a couple of days later and has her come into his office.

"Well, Ms., I have found the problem it seems that you have 3 tapeworms in your stomach and that is causing you all the discomfort."
The lady looks a little scared and asks, "Well doc, what can we do about it?"
The doctor replies, "Oh, not to worry, just a simple operation to remove the worms; we will schedule it for tommorrow morning at 11:00 am."
The lady thanks the doctor and heads home to get a good night's sleep before her surgery.

On the way home the 3 worms in the lady's stomach are talking to each other.
1st worm, "Oh crap, what are we gonna do?"
2nd worm, "Well, I am going to go up and hide behind the heart. I should be safe there!"
1st worm, "Good idea, I am going to go hide behind the liver, I should be safe there!"
3rd worm, "Well, I don't know about you two, but I am taking the 8:15 out of here in the morning!"

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