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A blonde was filling out an application form. She quickly filled in the columns for Name; Age; Address et c.
When she came to the column Salary Expected, she put "Yes."

At an air show, the blonde turned to her partner and said, "I wouldn't like to be up there in one of those!"
Her partner replied, "I wouldn't like to be up there without one."

A blond farmer had a donkey had refused to go under a bridge, and when she measured the donkey and the bridge, found that the donkey was 6 inches too tall to go under.
She got a hammer and chisel, and was cutting two grooves for the donkey's ears when a passer-by suggested she dig a groove in the ground for the donkey's feet.
"Don't be so daft," she said, "it's his ears that's too long, not his legs."

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