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My karma ran over your dogma.

Cover me. I'm changing lanes.

I'm in no hurry, I'm on my way to work.

Hey idiot, hang up! You are driving a car, not a phone booth.

Take your time, but hurry.

Speed kills, drive slow, get a Honda.

0 to 60... in 15 minutes.

If you don't like my driving, stay off the footpath.

Why am I the only person on earth that knows how to drive?

Forget about world peace... visualize using your turn signal.

As a matter of fact, I DO own the road.

Evacuate the road!!! STUDENT driving!!

Go on speeding, we'll cut you out (of your car ) -- Your Fire Dept.

Caution: Driver Sleeping.

Don't Think and Drive.

Caution I swerve and hit people at random.

So many pedestrians, so little time.

Faster than a speeding ticket.

Caution: I drive like you do

The driver has no money, he's married.

Stop reading my bumper stickers and pay attention to the road! :D

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