I'll Cry!!!

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A girl in around fifth grade was walking home from school. As she walking she sees a really adorable little boy walking the same way as she is. The little boy comes up to her and says,
"Can i walk home with you??"
The little girl, being a mean snobby person says,
"Oooh, god no!! Go away ya midget!!"
"I'll cry!!!"
* big sigh *
"Fine just don't cry!!"

When they get to her house she stops and tells him to go away. But he says,
"Can i come over??"
"Ooh no!!! No munchkins allowed!!"
"I'll cry!!"
*another big sigh*
"Fine, but only for a little bit"

Its getting late and she tells him to leave.
"Can I stay for dinner??"
"For the last time no!!! Go away!!!"
"I'll cry!!"

Dinner is over and she tells him to leave.
"Can i sleep over??"
"NO!! Never!!"
"I'll cry!!"
"OK, fine! But you have to sleep in the living room."

Later that night she hears a knock on the door.
"Can i sleep in your room?"
"No way!!"
"I'll cry!!"

Later on...
"Can i sleep in your bed?"
"Not in a million years!!"
"I'll cry!!"
"If you must, but no crying!!"

Even later...
"Can I stick my finger in your bellybutton??"
She shoots strait up in her bed!
"No you freak!!!"
"I'll cry!!"
A beat.
"Hey thats not my belly button!!"
"Suprise, suprise thats not my finger!!!"

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