10 Sentences Teachers Say

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10 sentences teachers say (and their true meanings)

1. This book is very commonly used
(I also studied from it 40 years ago)

2. It's important to understand what the material means in general
(I'm not good with details)

3. Some might say...
(My guess is...)

4. The answer to that question is not in the syllabus
(I don't know the answer to your question)

5. We'll discuss that question next week
(I don't know the answer to your question)

6. I'll let you search in the dictionary and find out
(I don't know how to spell that word)

7. Some of you could have succeeded more in the test
(You all failed)

8. Are there any questions about the material we learned last lesson?
(Did any of you review the material as I asked?)

9. Today we'll split up into small studying groups
(I don't feel like teaching today so keep yourselves busy)

10. The homework is due on Monday
(Ruining your weekend is the only fun I have left in teaching)

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