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So this chicken walks into the library, and she walks up to the librarian and she says: "Book."

The librarian says: "You want a book?"


"Any book?"


So the librarian gives the chicken a novel and off she goes. An hour later the chicken comes back and says, "Book-book"

The librarian says: "Now you want two books?"


So she gives the chicken two more novels. The chicken leaves but she comes back soon. "Book-book-book."

"Three books?"


So the librarian gives the chicken three books, but she decides she'll follow the chicken and find out what's going on.

The chicken goes down the alley, and out of town and towards the woods, into the woods and down to the river, down to the swamp, and there is a bullfrog. The chicken sets the books down by him, and he looks at them and says: "Reddit...Reddit...Reddit."

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