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One day at class, Mrs. Stryo has a storytelling contest. She tells the class that the boy or girl with the best story will get a bag of candy.

Jay, a clever boy, thinks of a story.

"One day, there is a storm." He begins. "Someone's house gets ripped apart by this storm, leaving furniture scattered on the ground."

"One old man survives this storm. He trys to rebuild the house that was torn apart."

"He almost suceeds. Three months later, after spending all of his money trying to rebuild the house, another storm comes and rips it apart again. Everything is scattered around again."

"So that man trys again to build a house. Six months later, he spends a further few hundred dollars building up his house. And again, another storm comes and rips up his house. Now he had a few hundred dollars in debt."

"After a few more trials, and increasing his debt to a few thousand bucks, he gives up. The next storm comes and rips apart the remains of his furniture."

"So he gets a job mowing lawns. He has no clue how to use a lawnmower and breaks it. He then gets a job raking leaves."

"So he spends the rest of his life raking leaves and shoveling snow for a few bucks a day. And those few bucks were payed to the bank."

"Ten years later, he dies of a heart attack. He still has two thousand dollars in debt. His family pays it off, then become poor themselves, and spend the rest of their lives raking leaves and shoveling snow for a few dollars a day."

The class applauds uncertainly, wondering about the story.

Mrs. Stryo asks, "What weas the point of that story, Jay?"

"One person's misfortune is another person's entertainment."

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