Mental Patients

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A doctor who works at the mental hospital wants to take his patients out to a baseball game seeing as they're so well behaved. He goes to his colleagues and asks them if it's ok. They don't want to let him take them in case they misbehave or do something wrong seeing as they're complete nutcases.

But the doctor wants to show them that the patients are really good. So he brings them in and says, "Sit Nuts." And all the patients sit.
He then says, "Stand Nuts." And all the patients stand. He then says "Talk Nuts." And they all start chatting. The other doctors are impressed and agree its ok.

So they go to the stadium and the doctor leaves to go get snacks. When he comes back out everyone is running and screaming. He stops a guy and asks him what the heck is happening. The man replies, "The vendor came by and started yelling PEANUTS! and a bunch of people started pissing all over the place."

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