Who's the boss

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When the body was first made all the parts of the body were fighting to see who would become the boss of the body. The fight for power was most intense between the limbs, the brain, and ..... the asshole.

The limbs said they should be boss because they control the human, and without them the body was useless and couldnt move or do anything.

The brain said it should be boss becauses it has to control the whole body and without the brain nothing in the body would function, neither the limbs or the asshole.

The asshole said simply, "I'm the boss."

The brain and limbs laughed at him. The asshole was so mad he closed up and the body became constipated. The brain couldnt think straight and became fuzzy, the limbs became cold, sweaty and clammy, the body was going to hell. So the brain and limbs decided the asshole was the boss.

Morale of the story is that it doesnt matter how good you are or what you do for others, only the asshole will become the person in charge.

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