The Drids

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There was a king who was very greedy; he ruled a land called Drid. Every day he would take all the money and food the Drids had that day. This had gone on for years and the Drids were sick of it.

One day a rabbi walked into the town and saw that all the people were unhappy. He went to a man and asked him what was wrong. The man replied, "Our king takes all of our food and money and we hardly have anything. He lives wealthily while many of us starve."

The rabbi pondered thus for a minute and said to the man, "Gather up all your people. I have an idea." Later that night, all the people were gathered in the town square. The man said to them, "You guys need to stand up for yourselves. Have any of you actually tried to talk with this king?" The townspeople all murmured. "Well, one of you should talk to him tomorrow and demand he stops." One man stood up and said he would do it.

The next day the man and the rabbi went up to the king's castle which was up high on a hill. He said to the king, "Please, oh great king, your people are starving and we have no money. Could you please spare us some of what we make?" The king was infuriated; he kicked the man down the hill. The rabbi watched as the king did this. Later that night the rabbi had the same speech and said they need to bargain with the king. Another man volunteered.

The next day the man and the rabbi walked up the hill to the king. The man said to the king, "Oh great king, would you please let us have some of our money and food back? We will double our crop and still give you most but could you spare us some?" The king was even more infuriated and kicked the man down the hill. The rabbi was astonished. He gathered the townspeople in the center and declared that he would go talk to the king.

The next day the Rabbi walked up the hill by himself to the king. "King!" he roared. "I have traveled far and wide and when I came to your town I saw that your people were unhappy. I have found out what you were doing to them. I am appalled! They are treated poorly and you must stop taking your people's food or they all will starve to death!"

The king pondered this for a moment and said to the rabbi, "I have heard what you have to say and I will stop stealing from my townspeople. I have enough wealth already, I guess I could spare them."

The rabbi had one more question for the king. "Why do you kick your townpeople down the hill?"

The king laughed and replied, "Silly rabbi; kicks are for Drids."

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