Justin Boobie

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Justin Beiber doesn't need mic to sing , no one needs mic for lip-syncing .

Q: Why did the Chicken cross the Road?
A:To get away from Justin Bieber!!!

JUSTIN: mom i think i finally hit puberty
MOM: really? how do u know?
JUSTIN: I'm bleeding from my vagina.

Stop making fun of him. Every time you make fun of him, you're making fun of someone's daughter.

Instead of saying when pigs fly say when justin beiber hits pueberty.

According to E! , Justin Bieber and Usher is in relationship and was found on late night dating. They will marry once Justin turns 18.

"Justin Bieber Finally hit the Puberty" was the biggest April Fool Joke of the Year .

13yrs old Girl got detention for misspelling "Believers" as "BELIBERS".

The Justin Bieber song "Baby" is the official theme song of Gay Association .

Obama : We are going through major crisis , all the teen girls are becoming Lesbian.
Press : How can you tell than ?
Obama : Because they fantasize sex with Justin Bieber

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