Take My Heart Out

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A male teenager went out to his favorite band concert "The Hearts of Heaven". They have very cool songs but their singer's life would end the very next night.

The next night, they made their next concert which is in the capital of the teenager's country. It wasn't very far. He went to the concert and enjoyed the songs, but one made him a bit twitchy. It was called "Take my heart out". The song made the teenager go to the singer's house, and take his heart out. All the other band members tried to stop him but he also got their hearts. He put them in a small box.

Later the police found out that one of the windows of the house was stained with blood. They went in and took a look. He saw that the people in the house got their hearts out.

2 weeks later, they were sent to the hospital. During the operation, the doctor said, "The cause of this is the song "Take My Heart Out." I suppose should I take that suspect through a therapy test."

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