Out of the Mouths of Babes

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Some of the replies given by a group of five to seven year olds from New York State who were asked, "How are babies made?"

"Mom makes babies with Dr. Roberts. I dunno how they do it."

"If a man and a woman love each other very, very much, the woman will grow a baby inside her body."

"Dad has a carrot that he plants in Mom's cabbage patch. About a year later the baby has been grown."

"Mom collects the babies from the hospital where they are born somehow."

"Mom takes a pill every day and it's a baby pill. It makes a baby grow inside her tummy. When it's one year old it comes out of her and cries."

"Mom and Dad are happy together and then a baby comes along."

"The father gives the mother plenty of money. If he gives her enough, she goes out and gets a baby."

"To have a baby you go on a special diet and eat spinach and coal and stuff. Then you get real fat and that's the baby inside you. When you are so fat, the doctor cuts you open and gets the baby."

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