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At a posh Manhattan dinner party, a Latin American visitor was telling the guests about this home country and himself. As he concluded, he said, "And I have a charming and understanding wife but, alas, no children."

As his listeners appeared to be waiting for him to continue, he said, haltingly, "You see, my wife is unbearable."

Puzzled glances prompted him to try to clarify the matter: "What I mean is, my wife is inconceivable."

As his companions seemed amused, he floundered deeper into the intricacies of the English language, explaining triumphantly, "That is, my wife, she is impregnable!"

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Posted by Sybyl Jan 29, 2006

I don't get it.

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Posted by taran083 Jan 30, 2006

When he said his wife is unbearable, he meant that his wife cant get pregnant, but that word, when used in that way, means his wife is always nagging and a pain in his side. When he says inconceivable, he means the same thing, except inconceivable, when used that way means he cant understand his wife, or his wife doesnt understand anything. and lastly, when he says impregnable, that means she's very formidable and very cold. think strict. not "cant get pregnant." Hope that helps! (sorry for it being so long)

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