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There's this couple and they've just been married. The man says to the wife, "I'm goin' hunting".

She says, "Oh, no, your not, we are married now."

The husband says to himself, "I've got to figure out a way to go hunting." So he goes out and buys his wife all this hunting equipment and gives it to his wife, so they can go hunting together.

They finally go one weekend and the hunter puts his wife in the deer-stand and says, "Only shoot when you see a deer."

She replies, "OK". So the hunter goes off to his stand and is hoping that the wife doesn't accidentally shoot herself. Suddenly, he hears a gun shot and quickly runs to find his wife.

He looks up in the deer stand and does not see her, so he looks around and sees his wife poised and waiting to shoot this poor man who is scared out of his mind. The hunter says, "Honey, what are you doing?"

The man says, "Look mister, if she says it is her deer then it is, just let me take my saddle off of it first."

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Posted by taran083 Mar 08, 2006

lol! that was great, i like that.

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