Screw Her Self

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There were two guys at a bar. One of them was rich and the other was poor. They both start talking and they find out their anniversary is on the same day, which is tomorrow.

Poor guy- "What did you get your wife?"
Rich Guy- "I got her a diamond ring and a Mercedes Benz."
Poor guy- "Why did you give her those??"
Rich Guy- "Because if she doesn't like the ring she can run the car off a cliff and go screw herself. What did you get your wife?"
Poor guy- "A pair of slippers and a dildo"
Rich Guy- "Why did you give her those??"
Poor guy- "Because if she doesn't like the slippers she can go screw herself!"

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Posted by boodler Jun 20, 2006

Between you all, you've made a right mess of a reasonable joke! Must try harder! Very badly done

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