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Yo Momma's so fat she was forced to become a nudist.

Yo Momma's so fat she was forced to live in a barn.

Yo Momma's so fat that when she walked outside, naked, the cops had to have hand-cuffs specially designed for her.

Yo Momma's so fat that they had to create a prison specifically designed for her on an island.

Yo Momma's so fat that when she jumped in the ocean to head towards the island it threw the Earth out of orbit.

Yo Momma's so fat that she accidently killed a blue whale by stepping on it... "oops", she said and went on.

Yo Momma's so fat, she's just obese.

Yo Momma's so fat that when she reached the prison she wouldn't fit through the door.

Yo Momma's so stupid that once they fixed the door she didn't know how to get through.

Yo Momma's so stupid they had to try to teach her about shapes on the prison.

Yo Momma's so stupid she didn't pass the test.

Yo Momma's so dense that when the cops called her a bitch she just laughed her ass off.

And they had a great time.

Yo Momma's so fat she's even fatter than Cartman's ass, that's right, from South Park.

Yo Momma's so dense she kept touching an electric wire and laughing. "Haha, ouch", she said. "Haha, ouch", she said.

Yo Momma's so weird, that for her free time she pranced around in the meadow nude. Fortunely, it threw the Earth back into orbit.

Yo Momma's so dense, she can't differeniate colors.

Yo Momma's so cheap, that they set her free.

In the end, Yo Momma now lives in the ghetto.

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Posted by WyndRyder76 Dec 04, 2005

My sucky attempt at making a joke.

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Posted by brain_dead Dec 04, 2005

i liked it, but if someone didn't read one of them they wouldn't get it.

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Posted by taran083 Dec 08, 2005

Least you made a good effort. some could have been left out, but some of the others were really good. i gave it a 3

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