Jesus Christ!

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There are two guys walking down the street when they stumble upon a drunk. They walked up to him and the 1st guy said, "Sir, what is you name?"
"My name is Jesus Christ!" slurred the drunk.
"That can't possibly be, what is your real name?" asked the 2nd man.
The drunk repeated, "I told you my name is Jesus Christ!"
The two men still didn't believe him so the drunk told them to follow him as he walked into a nearby bar.
It was then they heard the bartender say, "Jesus Christ, are you here again?!"

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Posted by stacyana Jan 04, 2006

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Posted by sillygoose22 Feb 04, 2006

hahaha!!!!! That was good!

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Posted by coldfire Mar 13, 2006

LOL that's funny

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Posted by flamehead Jan 19, 2007


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