"What Gifts?"

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One day Tommy was sitting in class, the teacher came over and told him to go out in the hallway. He got mad and he didn't move.
Five minutes later, she came back over to him and tapped him on the shoulder. "I thought I told you to go out in the hallway."
"I did," He told her lying through his teeth.
"Ok then, so what did you do with your gifts?" she asked.
"What gifts?"
"Your mom was outside in the hallway holding some gifts for you for your birthday, did you not see her or were you lying to me?"
So he ran outside the class but his mom was gone. He was very upset but as he was walking back into the class, the teacher said, "Gotcha, that will teach you to disobey me and lie."

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Posted by kebron Dec 20, 2005

not funny, not a joke

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Posted by imlaughin Jan 16, 2006

Don't get your undies in a bunch about

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