Knowing a little too much

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One day a little boy came over to his friends house and said, "Ah shit! I got gunk on my shoe!" As he was saying it, the friend's dad came over to the little boy and said, "How dare you say that in front of my child!" The dad sent the little boy home and called his father, telling him to come over to his house and talk to him.
The father came over and said, "So what if my boy said that? it's not like your kids haven't overheard you say a curse word!"
"Actually they haven't!" claimed the disgruntled father.
As they argue, the disgruntled father's baby in the backround blurts out, "Fuck you!"

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Posted by WILL93 Nov 07, 2005

that was preaty retared

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Posted by colochaos Nov 13, 2005

ya that was really retarDed

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