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1. I'll turn capital punishment into a new game show!
2. I promise to get cocaine off our streets: 1 kilo at a time.
3. I'll finish what Bill started -- the interns.
4. Like father, like son. You liked my dad, right?
5. Vote for the GOP, Not OPP.
6. I promise no sex scandal: just look at me.
7. New penal plan: I won't use mine!
8. Read my lips: Al Gore Sucks.
9. George W. Bush: No hang-ups. Just hangovers
10. Vote for Bush and against Common Sense

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Posted by eger2please Nov 06, 2005

I loved that last one

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Posted by phynyxs Nov 08, 2005

#2 and #3 don't exactly fit. After all, he hasn't been caught boinking anyone, and he was never accused of cocaine use. Joke is still amusing though.

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Posted by Math_freak Apr 08, 2006


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