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There's this guy Joe who has a parrot that he adores. Well, Joe has to go on a trip and doesn't know what to do about his parrot.

Three of his buddies, who live together, offer to take him in. The three guys are Norwegian, Swiss, and African-American. Joe completely trusts these guys so he leaves his parrot with them for the week.

When Joe comes back he find his bird all bandaged up. He has a broken wing, a fractured leg, and bruises all over.

He asks his parrot, "Well, what happened?" The parrot replies "I kind of got beat up"

Joe asks, "Was it the Norwegian?"

The parrot says, "No, he was very nice."

Joe again asks, "Well, was it the Swiss?"

The parrot replies,"Nope, not at all."

Joe say "So it was the –"

The parrot cuts him off, says, "We don't use that word any more."

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Posted by letswarmup45 Oct 24, 2005

Any sugestions for this joke or way to make it better?

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Posted by bubbles101007 Apr 22, 2006

i don't get it

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