The Strugle For "sence-able" Truth...As is

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The following actually occured last year in a resturaunt in Redford, Michigan.
So........There's an empty bar,at the far right a man
walks up, sits down, and orders a ginger ale.

Another guy sits down at the opposite side of the bar a few minutes later and orders a glass of white wine. He says aloud in a quiet voice, "How could our President try to stop gay marriage?"

Then the man at the far right answered, "Because marriage is bettween a man and a women and anyone who disagrees is going to have to change how they feel eventually if they want to go to heaven." (He sips his ginger ale, and puts his head in his hand to support himself.)

"But really why? That seems so biased. It just doesn't seem fair. Why must he do this?"

"Because my God deems such things unlawful, and apparently the President seems to agree with him."

"Really..."(noding his head in an inquisetive way, expecting to be enlightend). He asked, "What else does your God disaprove of?"


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Posted by seandidy Oct 13, 2005

OK-Just so nobody gets confused, I'm not trying to offend anyone. Plus I'd like to hear what you think about how it could be funnier.

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Posted by insane_21_gr Jan 14, 2006

Sooooo lame! And UK doesn't have a president, it has a Prime Minister! Just stupid!!!

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Posted by Seandidy Jan 17, 2006

Sorry pal, but Redford Michigan is in the United States of quessed it...America. Please don't call the joke stupid, and if you do, then first consult a map or a geographer.

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Posted by imlaughin Feb 01, 2006

It doesn't matter where it took place, it's still funny. Also, FYI, in the joke it said it took place in Michagin, it might have happened there too! Did you ever think of that? Anyway, don't listen to 'em 'Didy, I liked it!

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Posted by celanba Feb 10, 2006

What does pork have to do with anything?

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Posted by joke_lover_101 Apr 11, 2006

this joke is stupid

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