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A blond and her friends went to a bank to rob it. The blond's job was to get the code for the vault they wanted to rob. Finally, the blond came back to the vault and began punching in numbers. Each time she typed in a number it beeped a different sound. A friend asked, "Do you know the code?"

The blond said, "No, but listen." She made a whole bunch of beeps then said, "It's the funky town music!"

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Posted by fluffy5851 Oct 09, 2005

Plz add comments

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Posted by beecool Oct 09, 2005

hmmm....could use some editting, but i'll do that for u!

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Posted by fluffy5851 Oct 09, 2005

*spins around* take me down to funky town... lol

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Posted by silvermoonisis Oct 10, 2005

This is from South's one of Towelie's classic lines.

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