Breast Exam

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A woman went in for a breast exam. The doctor said, "Have a seat. I have to numb your breasts first."

The woman said, "Okay."

So the doctor put his face between her breasts and said, "Numb, numb, numb, numb, numb."

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Posted by gilmoregirlsfan Sep 21, 2005


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Posted by seandidy Oct 06, 2005

Way off,WAY-WAY OFF the the mark

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Posted by sk8ter7 Oct 23, 2005

don't get it

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Posted by sjstrick63 Oct 23, 2005

can't believe you people are so stupid that you cannot understand this joke. it's self explanitory, DUH!!

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Posted by sjstrick63 Oct 23, 2005

seandidy? what the hell is that. are you a p-diddy wanna be? you're a FAGGOT!

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