You Did It Again!

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Kid 1: You did it again!
Kid 2: What? What did I do?
Kid 1: You know, that thing.
Kid 2: What thing?
Kid 1: That thing when your lips move and sound comes out.

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Posted by imlaughin Sep 10, 2005

Sorry, my sister just told it to me a few days ago, does anyone think this is funny?

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Posted by juggleboy502 Sep 11, 2005

i've never heard it, and i DO think its funny!!!

Comment score: -1  

Posted by imlaughin Sep 11, 2005

thanks juggleboy, im glad you enjoyed it!

Comment score: 1  

Posted by suthrnbabe03 Sep 19, 2005

I've never heard it, but i think it's funny!

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Posted by imlaughin Sep 19, 2005

thank u much, babe

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Posted by fluffy5851 Oct 10, 2005

I think i get it but the way i see it.....ITS FUNNY-CUTE-TRUE JOKE! Good job

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Posted by imlaughin Oct 10, 2005

thanx u guys

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Posted by Misty Nov 25, 2005

I really dont get it. not that its bad or anything though

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Posted by sillygoose22 Feb 04, 2006

The first kid was trying to tell the second kid to stop talking. I like it!

Comment score: 1  

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