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A woman at a party walked up to a man and told him, ''If you were my husband I would poison your drink." The man replied, ''If you were my wife I would drink it.''

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Posted by sarahlynne Sep 05, 2005

didn't churchill say something like that?

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Posted by funnydude Sep 11, 2005

nice joke!

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Posted by ejay26 Oct 06, 2005

Yes, Churchill DID say that...... This is CUTE, but still OLD.

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Posted by toink- Oct 07, 2005

Intelligent repartee on the part of the guy. I would imagine that the girl must look like a female hyena or as Diana describes a 'royalty' - a Rottweiler!

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Posted by schatzy228 Nov 24, 2005


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Posted by teen_wiz Jun 04, 2006

Yeah, Churchill definitely said this.

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