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A handsome gentleman gets in an accident and finds himself in hospital soon after recovering. Shocked, he asks the nurse how he got there and if he has all his body parts on. "You only lost your arms, sir, but you will be ok," was her reply.

Very disappointed that he had lost part of his life, he decides to throw himself over the hospital on the last block but as he is about to do that, he notices someone on the street in the same situation, but he was dancing vigorously. He decides to find out how he keeps happy in such a situation.

"Buddy, tell me what is your secret to happiness," he said.
"You've got no idea what it takes to scatch myself. My chest is itchy."

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Posted by seandidy Oct 22, 2005

I don't get it,someone plz explain.

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Posted by short_brunette Jan 04, 2006

The other guy wants the person to litterally "rub his chest" As in rub on each other.Still kinda gross.

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