Deep Sleeper

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A man stepped onto the overnight train and told the conductor, "I need you to wake me up in Philadelphia. I'm a deep sleeper and can be ornery when I get up, but no matter what, I want you to help me make that stop. Here's $100 to make sure."

The conductor agreed. The man fell asleep, and when he awoke he heard the announcement that the train was approaching New York. Furious, he collared the conductor. "I gave you $100 to make sure I got off in Philadelphia, you worthless fool!"

"Wow," another passenger said to his traveling companion. "Is that guy ever mad!"
"Yeah," his companion replied. "But not half as mad as that guy they forced off the train in Philadelphia."

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Posted by dewdrop Aug 24, 2005

very very good

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Posted by juggleboy502 Aug 27, 2005

???i dont get it??? someone pleez explain!

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Posted by shimmermaid Aug 27, 2005

Juggleboy- he said that no matter what, take him off the train, even tho he might be ornery and protest. The conductor pushed another guy off (mistakenly), tho this other guy protested. So while the guy who got left on the train was mad that he missed his stop, the guy who got pushed off was even madder... good joke!

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Posted by phantomgal Sep 13, 2005

trhanx 4 the explanation. i get it.

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Posted by jodocroco Sep 24, 2005

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Posted by j_mon Sep 24, 2005


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Posted by SexyChic Sep 25, 2005

Wow!! I am real sorry for the guy that was forced off the train in Philadelphia. Good joke!!

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Posted by goosh Dec 02, 2005

lol, it took me a second to get...good 1

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Posted by popesantaxiv Nov 28, 2007


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