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One day a blond and a redhead were talking on the phone.
Blonde:My doctor told me I have to lose about ten pounds.
Redhead:Oh really? Do you know what you going to do?
Blonde: No not at all... hey you lost wieght recently. How did you do it?
Redhead: I used the special K diet
blonde:Whats that?
Redhead:Well you eat a bowl of special K for lunch and one for breakfast and have a sensable dinner each day. I lost 5 pounds in a week
Blonde: Okay thanks!
a week later the blonde calls back her friend
Redhead: How did it work?
blonde:Not well at all i gained 5 pounds
redhead: Really did you follow my intructions exactly?
blonde: Well no but i had to lose double the wieght
Redhead: Well what did you do?
blonde: Well i figured that if 1 bowl for both breakfast and lunch was good for 5 pounds then two bowls for both breakfast and lunch would be good for ten.

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