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One bright day in the middle of the night,
2 dead boys got up to fight
back to back they faced each other,
drew their knives,
and shot each other.
a deaf policeman heard the noise,
and came to kill those two dead boys.
if you don't believe my stories true,
ask the blind guy, he saw it to!

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Posted by shimmermaid Aug 22, 2005

Clever rhyme! If you thought of it yourself, good job...

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Posted by phantomgal Aug 23, 2005

good one

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Posted by buttons Sep 23, 2005

I love that ryhme

Comment score: 1  

Posted by zemoxian Oct 18, 2005

That would make a killer Halloween card!

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Posted by idiot_genius May 21, 2006

I heard a different version where it said: a deaf policeman heard the noise and saved the lives of two dead boys.

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Posted by Shastaki Aug 25, 2006

I know a slightly different version which I prefer. It's not exactly a joke . . .

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Posted by zemoxian Oct 31, 2013

There are many versions of this folk rhyme. The British Columbia Folklore Society has a page on it:

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