Top 10 Most Rejected Children Book Titles

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1. The Magical World Inside The Abandoned Refrigerator

2. Where to Find the Toys in the Oven

3. 101 Games to Play in the Road

4. Homemade Fireworks using a Bathtub, a Blowdryer, and a Fork

5. Your Nightmares are Real

6. Monsters Killed Grandpa

7. All Guns Squirt Water

8. How Fun it is to Tie a Squirrel to a Kite

9. If it's Storming out, the Best Place to Take Shelter is under a Tree

10. Dad's New Wife Robert

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Posted by SweetTooth1479 Jul 30, 2005


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Posted by joke_lover_101 Mar 23, 2006

i see why there not books

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