Musical Chairs

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Once there was this Australian guy, an English guy, and an American guy. They all went into a furniture store to by a chair that played music when you sat on it (aka musical chair). The next day the Australian guy comes back and says he wants to return the chair. When the clerk asks why he says it's too hard, so the clerk gives him his money back. The day after that the English guy comes back and says he wants to return the chair and again when the clerk asks why, he says it was too hard. So the clerk gives him his money back. The next day the American guy comes back and asks to return the chair. The clerk, getting somewhat annoyed by this time, says, "Let me guess, it's too hard right?" The American guy says, "No, the chair plays the National Anthem so whenever I sit down I have to stand up again, but then the music stops so I sit down and stand up! Up, down, up, down and so on."

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Posted by shimmermaid Aug 27, 2005

Well...i get it, but wasn't hilarious...but keep trying!

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Posted by eger2please Nov 06, 2005

Kinda funny but not a knee slapper

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