Nacho Cheese

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There was a Mexican family living in Mexico. The father of the family wasn't making very much money and he decided that he and his family were going to move to America in order to live a better life, so the family moved to America.

The Mexican man didn't found a job there, and his family was starving, so he went outside, climbed a hill, and bent down under a pine tree to pray for God to help his family get through their situation.

While he was praying, a black man was coming out of a grocery store on top of the hill. He had a sack in one hand with a wheel of cheese in it. The bag was heavy, and right as the Mexican man was getting up from praying, the bag broke and the wheel of cheese rolled down the hill.

The Mexican man saw it, picked it up, and ran non-stop to his home. He gave it to his wife and told her to make nacho cheese out of it. His wife said, "Well, why can't we make something else out of it?" and he said, "Cause all the way home God was tellin' me, that's nacho cheese, that's nacho cheese!"

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Posted by shimmermaid Sep 30, 2005

Very good joke Juggleboy!

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Posted by schatzy228 Dec 10, 2005

Iagree,,,WELL DONE

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