Things Written in Blood

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The Goriest, Scariest, Yuckiest Top 12 Things You Really Don't Want To See Written In Blood...

12) "Richard Hillman did it and------"
11) "Can you guess where your friends are?"
10) Your name signed on a Microsoft License Agreement
9) "Remember that kid you picked on during Junior Cert year..."
8) Your name on the bottom of a contract from Fianna Fail. (Irish government party)
7) "See! I can spell! Yor next"
6) "Luke, I am your father."
5) "Where the feck are the Elastoplasts?"
4) Your overdue Visa bill
3) "Does anyone have a spare Tampax?"
2) "Did yez ever wonder what happened to the blood you donated?"
1) "Dude you're gettin' a Dell!"

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