Rich Lost Dog

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A man was walking in a rich neighborhood when he saw a lost dog ad. Part of the bottom line of the ad was torn by the weather, so all the man could see of the ad was
IF FOUND CALL 555-5555
ALL OF MY FAMILY'S (blank blank blank)

Being as this was a rich neighborhood, the man assumed that the blank in the ad represented money. He was very excited at the thought of owning all of a rich family's money, so he very desperately searched for the dog.

After one week of desperate searching, the man found the missing dog and immidiately returned it to the family. A woman came to the door and excitedly said, "Thank goodness someone found our precious puppy!" and closed the door.

Quite confused, the man rang the doorbell again, where the same woman politely asked what the man wanted. "My reward," the man replied. She said, "Oh, yes. Sir, my family sends all of its thanks to you. That is all what it said on the ads as reward, so thank you and goodbye!"

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Posted by Battery Dec 10, 2008

I think it would have been funnier if she just said "Oh yes. All of my families thanks" and left out the "That is all what it said on the ads as reward, so thank you and goodbye"

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