You Might be Lazy If...

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1. You yell and scream for help, and when it comes you ask for the remote.
2. It is a workout to play high intensity video games.
3. You decide to be a republican because you bought a truck with a republican sticker on it.
4. You sell your step-brother's stuff on e-bay for video game money.
5. You've hired someone to laugh at these jokes for you.
6. You shop online even though it's more expensive because you don't want to leave your house.
7. You died of a preventable illness because going to the doctor would take actual work.
8. You've hired someone to sleep with your wife because it's to "hard".
9. You have the sofa in the back of the Guiness 2000 book.
10. You, your wife, and kids all live with your mom.

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