Why I Am Independent (but Leaning Republican)

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You might be a Republican if...
1. You have a brain
2. You have morales
3. Your bumper sticker say's "Somewhere in Massachusetts a village is missing it's idiot"
4. You totaly agree with everything Foxworthy say's
5. You bought a shotgun and THEN voted against gun control
You might become a republican if...
1. You found a brain
2. You stole someones morales
3. You bought a truck with that bumper sticker and was to lazy to take it off.
4. You're dating a Republicans daughter
5. Actually it was the guy's shotgun that changed you.

You might be a democrat if...
1. You have no brain
2. You have no morales
3. Your bumper sticker say's "eye is ejumucated, u shid bee two"
4. You don't know who Hitler is but think he has a cool name.
5. You think homosexuality is fine, but not for your kids.

You might become a democrat if...
1. You lost your brain
2. Someone stole your morales
3. You can't read said bumper sticker
4. You don't get anything Foxworthy say's
5. You love your daughter, she loves her dad, and you're jealous

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Posted by ac3p1l07 Jun 22, 2005

Nobody gets this one either?

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Posted by hamburger Jun 22, 2005

USA USA USA! Vote Rebublican!

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Posted by dontbeoffended2 Oct 23, 2005

i get it

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