Twin Towers

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It is the year 2032, and a father and his son walk the streets of lower Manhattan. Approaching the site where the WTC used to be in the end of the 20th century, the father sighs and comments, "To think that right here used to be the Twin Towers."

The son, not understanding, asks his father "What were the Twin Towers?" The father smiles and looks at the son, and explains, "The Twin Towers were two huge buildings that used to be here until 2001, when the Arabs destroyed them."

The son looks up to his father, and asks, "And what are the Arabs?"

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Posted by juggleboy502 Jun 19, 2005

HA!!! good one, dogdude!

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Posted by funnydude Jun 19, 2005

haha, yea, that was funny!!!!

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Posted by ac3p1l07 Jun 21, 2005

I didn't get that one.

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Posted by dogdude Jul 06, 2005

ac3p1lo7 this joke takes place in the future when the war with iraq is over its saying we killed all the arabs

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