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A young woman had just purchased her dream car, a new Ferrari convertible, and was having trouble tuning her radio to a station she wanted. She returned to the dealership and confronted the salesman, complaining about the radio.

"Miss," the salesperson said, "this is a very sophisticated radio. There is no requirement to use the buttons or dials. You merely give voice commands to whatever type of program you desire."

So after she received her instructions, she headed out on the highway.

"Country Music," she said, and instantly a country crooner was singing away on a country station. After a while she said, "Oldies," and instantly she heard "Blueberry Hill."

A few minutes later, a guy in a new Cadillac cut her off in traffic.

"Stupid, inconsiderate prick!" she yelled. The radio paused for a second, and then she heard, "Hello again and welcome back to the program. This is Dr. Phil."

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