Top 15 Police Excuses

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Here are the Top 15 excuses for if you are pulled over by a police officer for speeding, running a red light, etc.

15.) Sorry, I slipped on a banana peel...

14.) Oooohh, you're a policeman? I thought you were just another speeder! I was trying to get away so you wouldn't hit me!

13.) I'm sorry officer but Dunkin Donuts is right ahead, not here.

12.) I'm sorry officer, but I already have a date.

11.) (For Americans caught speeding in Canada...), say, "What's a kilometer?"

10.) "So THAT'S what those signs are for!"

9.) I'm sorry I was speeding officer, but I have diarrhea.

8.) If I was speeding, you were probably speeding to catch me, so how about we forget about the whole thing?

7.) Sorry officer, I was trying to kill a bug under my gas pedal.

6.) I'm sorry officer. I just got breast implants, and when I wear a seatbelt, it hurts!

5.) My wife is pregnant, I'm trying to get to the hospital A.S.A.P.! (great for speeding tickets)

4.) (Running a stop sign) I'm sorry officer, I thought the sign said "POTS". (Dyslexic)

3.) I was trying to keep up with traffic. Yes, I know there are not any other cars around, that's how far ahead they are!

2.) Ooh officer I'd love to wear your handcuffs for awhile, but I really have to get home! My husband is gonna find my lover locked in the basement!

And the Number One excuse if you're pulled over by a police officer.

1.) Sorry, officer, but you see, what happened is when I reached for my crack pipe, my gun fell off my lap, getting lodged under the gas pedal, and forced me to speed out of control!

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Posted by krybaby88 Jun 04, 2005

That is funny but it is a good way to get some jail time. jeez. lol. but it was good.

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Posted by funnydude Jun 17, 2005

haha, i agree!!!

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Posted by ac3p1l07 Jun 24, 2005

The last three are dupes, but they were the least funny anyway.

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