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One afternoon a blonde walked into a small store. The store was having a special on CD players. She walked up to a CD player, then picked it up, and proceeded to the front counter, where she asked two employees what the price was.

The two men looked at each other, and one of them said to the other in an audible whisper, "Don't worry, she's a stupid and dumb blonde. Let's raise the price!" The blonde COULD hear this, but said nothing. The other man nodded to his fellow employee, and said, "Okay, ma'am, the price is $75.00."

Amazingly, the blonde agreed, and paid the money, then got her CD player.


A couple hours later, the blonde comes in again. The same two men are there. Thinking that she had gotten a good deal on the CD player, she wanted to know if she could get any more good deals.

She was just about to ask the two men if there were any other specials when she started blinking her eyes as if she had been offended. One of the employees asked her, "Is there something wrong?"

The blonde answered, "Hey! You don't talk to me! I AM NOT dumb, and I AM NOT stupid. HOW could you insult me like that?"

The blonde stormed out of the store.

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Posted by BrownEyes May 22, 2005

Funny stuff

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Posted by monkey_balls May 23, 2005

oh so true

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