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A blonde was driving her brand new, VERY expensive, Mustang convertible, when she saw her brunette friend. She thought that this was her chance to brag about it, so she drove over to her.

The brunette recognized her, and said, "Hey!" The blonde smiled; this was her chance. She said, "Hey, look what I got that you don't have!" patting her convertible.

The brunette smiled sweetly back and said, "Well, look what I got that YOU don't have," patting her brain.

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Posted by marigold May 16, 2005

I'm a blond, but I love it. Keep 'em coming!!

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Posted by ashleyrena143 Jun 11, 2005

Why is it that everyone thinks blondes are stupid? Do you make blonde jokes to make yourself feel secure?

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Posted by smartie_pants Jun 15, 2005

I love this Joke. And blond jokes aren't meant to be offensive.

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Posted by Avril_lavigne Jun 25, 2005

Im Brunette But I wouldnt Mind Have a Brunette Joke Once In a While

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Posted by megmeg504 Jul 06, 2005

hey i am a brunette so i lyke this joke!

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